Welcome to FCC Online
• Where everyone is valued and appreciated
• Where sermons are relevant to real-life struggles
• Where authentic worship points our hearts to God
• Where we welcome those who have drifted from God
If you need a fresh start, are looking for a church family, or are new to the community, First Christian Church just might be the home you are looking for.
What Members Are Saying


"Every Sunday, Pastor Craig leaves us with wisdom that we can apply to our lives. If we even attempt to apply the message then we are becoming that much better every week. Our church is ideal for families and men and women in need of fellowship, who would like to grow together."  Ian


"I wish people knew that the 'stiff, formal-looking building' on the corner of Forsythe and Loop Road does not represent the warm, loving, informal, friendly church located inside of the building. There is a tremendous amount of love in the people of First Christian Church. We are not just the 'Camel Church!' Jane


"This is the first time in my life I have felt at 'home' in church. Since joining, my husband and I have felt so welcomed and loved. It doesn't matter where you come from spiritually, cuturally, or economically, FCC makes you feel welcomed. Because of this, my faith has grown and matured, and I'm proud to be the person I am and to serve our community and our God."    Angela